Kingsdown School, Academy Trust Special School, in Southend


Sensory Integration uses different sensory approaches to support the pupils’ sensory needs. These aid concentration, self-regulation and learning. These aid concentration, self-regulation and learning.

Donna Boygle, Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner works at Kingsdown one day a week providing a sensory service, advising teaching staff on the different sensory approaches that can be used to support the pupils' sensory needs which aid concentration, self-regulation and learning.

With the aid of specialist sensory equipment, Donna gives advice about how to deliver sensory diet techniques and deep pressure through a variety of means such as wrapping, swaddling, and having children wear wrist or ankle weights or other weighted clothing. The squeeze machine provides children with regular movement breaks and there are self-regulating tools such as a chew buddy, a rocking chair and a sit-and-move cushion, all used to aid the child’s concentration while learning. Teaching staff have noticed real improvements in the children’s concentration and focus when using these sensory techniques.

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