Kingsdown School, Academy Trust Special School, in Southend


Kingsdown School recognises any opportunity to identify and celebrate pupils' achievement.

Each of the classes adapts the way they celebrate achievement according to the particular needs and levels of understanding of the pupils in that group. These include the use of verbal praise and encouragement alongside stickers, tokens, badges and certificates.

The school has a competitive House Point System. Every pupil in school is assigned to one of four house groups, red cars, green trains, yellow planes and blue boats. Throughout the week pupils are rewarded with house points for such things as exceptional work, spontaneous kindness, being a good friend or trying particularly hard. The house team points are counted weekly. The winning team for that week is then announced in assembly and the trophy adorned with the corresponding coloured ribbons.

The highest school accolade is to receive a ‘Golden Certificate’ which is awarded by the headteacher for outstanding effort and achievement. These are presented at the end of the weekly whole school assembly with a musical accompaniment in the form of a special ‘Golden Certificate Achievement Song’. A record of Golden Certificate achievers is maintained.

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