Kingsdown School, Academy Trust Special School, in Southend


The Art Stories sessions, led by Ali Ward HLTA, are designed for pupils to work in small groups experimenting with various way to create art and stories. They are not target based sessions, they are pupil led to help each pupil develop confidence in expressing themselves through art and storytelling.

There are three types of session this year:

  • Story

    In these sessions pupils draw objects and from this starting point they develop characters and stories to share with each other.

    • 1718-0102
    • 1718-0103
    • 1718-0104
    • 1718-0105
    • 1718-0106
    • 1718-0107

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  • Sound

    The sound based sessions involve listening to and tracking sounds and handling noisy objects to help the pupils actively participate for longer in a group activity.

    • 1718-0112
    • 1718-0113
    • 1718-0114
    • 1718-0115
    • 1718-0116

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  • Support with Vision

    These sessions are to help pupils who need some support with their vision to discover activities they enjoy and build confidence to express personal choice in a noisy group environment.

    • 1718-0108
    • 1718-0109
    • 1718-0110
    • 1718-0111

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