Kingsdown School, Academy Trust Special School, in Southend

Pupils' learning is paramount in all aspects of life at Kingsdown School. Although teaching individual subjects is very well planned all teaching is delivered around the pupil's individual learning needs. The Schemes of Work (which are available on request) are the vehicle used to promote learning which are broken down into termly planners. Wherever appropriate Kingsdown promotes the use of generic targets which are used across the curriculum.

Kingsdown’s approach to teaching pupils with Special Educational Needs varies according to the individual needs of each pupil. We aim to place pupils in the most appropriate teaching group to meet their particular learning needs. The classes change each year according to the mixture of pupils on roll. There is no prescribed teaching methodology, but all staff have to plan, deliver and assess. Each year, every class has three umbrella topics; one for each term; these are delivered in conjunction with coverage of aspects of the National Curriculum which are adapted to meet the individual needs of the pupils. The curriculum is used as a vehicle which is adapted to meet the holistic learning needs of every pupil. The aim is to enable every pupil to make optimum progress and to prepare them for the next stage of their education wherever this may be.

The curriculum is kept broad and balanced to enable all aspects of learning to take place. We make full use of the local environment. Every classroom is large and all have adjoining purpose designed toilets and changing areas. Every room contains a ceiling hoist; these enable non ambulant pupils to access resources.

The school has some incredible facilities which all contribute to a fun, motivating, and learning atmosphere for our pupils.

Music has a very high profile at Kingsdown. We believe that music is a great medium to learn.

At Kingsdown our view is that every pupil can achieve. We have high expectations.

Our curriculum model (below) sets out our principles of overall development for our pupils.

Our ethos is to look at the whole child and celebrate their success.

Kingsdown School Approach to Curriculum

During this academic year, Kingsdown School is reviewing their curriculum in line with our move to a Multi Academy Trust status and the recommendations of the Rochford Review.

At Kingsdown School a high quality systematic phonics programme is used to teach pupils to read, this includes a multi-sensory approach where pupils learn from visual, auditory and kinaesthetic/tactile learning pathways. A high priority is placed on the development of pupils' speaking/communicating and listening and providing pupils with a broad and rich language experience.

Kingsdown is a signing school where Makaton is used across the school day. Symbols and objects of reference are used to support learning.

A variety of reading schemes are used including: All Aboard, Oxford Reading Tree and Jolly Phonics. Formal assessments include Year 1 Phonic Screening Check and Salford Sentence Reading, and Derbyshire Language Scheme Assessment.

At Kingsdown School we promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.


As a school all pupils are given the opportunity to put forward their ideas to the school council. A member from each class attends the school council meetings. The 'Buddy Bench' in the playground, the Ride-on Ponies and puppets in the library were all named as a result of nominations and voting at a school council meeting.

The rule of law

Kingsdown has its own school rules which everybody abides by such as 'walk on the left hand side'. Each class has their own class rules which each pupil takes part in creating at the start of the year.

Individual liberty

Everybody is encouraged to make choices and to share their opinions or views during sessions and the throughout the school day. This is done verbally, vocalisations, using Makaton signs, using symbols, eye indications, writing, or drawing.

Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

All pupils are kind to their friends at Kingsdown School. As a school we give praise to each other and celebrate achievements. We also like to learn about people who are different from us and explore the objects they may encounter.

The Equality and Diversity Champions Programme was founded to tackle issues regarding bullying in and around schools. The Programme, led by Kirsty Spencer, took part in many projects with other schools and within our local community.

We are pleased to announce that Kingsdown School achieved the award and from this gained the Enhanced Healthy Schools Award.

You can read about the details of the project and its impact on the pupils.

In November, we attended an awards ceremony where we were presented with the Equality and Diversity School Champions Award and our Advanced Healthy School Award. Reggie, David and Harry delivered a short presentation about their work, they were absolutely brilliant and received many compliments on their excellent speeches.

Well done and congratulations to all pupils, staff and stakeholders at Kingsdown School for their hard work and dedication.

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The Including Everyone Team’s role is to monitor the children in the playground and around the school to ensure they are all being ‘friendly’ towards each other. The name was chosen and agreed by the pupils.

The whole school took part in a competition to design a team badge, and at a meeting, the team looked at the designs which had been submitted and by voting chose the winning badge. This was sent to a company who made our special badges. Every member of our Including Everyone Team now wears a badge so that they can be identified as a member of the team.

They created an Including Everyone Award which is given to pupils who have been seen making positive choices towards others by being kind or helping them. The award is giving out each week in assembly and even has its own unique song.

The Including Everyone Team meet once a term to discuss what they can do to help others and promote positive relationships around the school.

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