Kingsdown School, Academy Trust Special School, in Southend
Parents' and Professionals' comments about Kingsdown School


At Kingsdown School we take pride in providing the very best for our pupils. In order to help us, we ask parents to let us know how they think we are doing.

At Parents’ Evening on 8th March we decided to offer various workshops where parents were able to see some of the work we do in school. Workshops comprised: Papa Piccolo, ICT – Interactive Games / Switch Skills, Singing Hands, Role Play, Forest School / Stickman Trail, PE, Art and Sensory Integration

In total, 38 parents attended, some attending up to three different sessions. 24 parents completed feedback questionnaires, all of which were positive.

A selection of the comments received have been listed below:

  • "Loved it enjoyed it very much."
  • "Some great ideas – thank you."
  • "Very informative and interesting. Great idea to let parents learn what the children do in lessons."
  • "Very good, gave me ideas to use in the garden or woods with my child."
  • "Very good, impressed by the efforts staff go to for the pupils"
  • "Well-presented and interesting topic. The exercises were fun and challenging."
  • "Excellent, interactive, energetic, the whole family enjoyed this.• Excellent, interactive, energetic, the whole family enjoyed this."
  • "A wonderful idea. Great way to learn."
  • "Really helpful to see how it is approached."

More comments from previous terms

In addition, we send home an Annual Questionnaire covering questions regarding pupils schooling, well-being and the school as a whole. From the 120 questionnaires sent, we received 66 replies, the vast majority giving very positive results. These are the results:

  • parents-q-2017

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